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Friday, April 28th

Adventure Pack Sputnik, Mamacita, Coco, and Rucksack enjoyed a hike on the Mesa Trail this morning. Coco and Rucksack sniffed the trail ahead as we went. But when we eventually turned around and headed back, Coco lingered behind and took her time. That was out of character for Coco, who usually plays scout by going up ahead of the rest of the pack when she's off the leash. Variety Pack Colby, Ruffers, and Coco enjoyed a few chases alongside the trail at CU South Campus this afternoon. On one of their routes, Coco and Colby both got distracted by a scent and then shouldered down and started wiggling around on their backs. When I got them to get up, I saw some feathers from what was appar

Thursday, April 27th

Adventure Pack Sputnik enjoyed some time off leash with Coco today, as the trails were pretty empty due to the dreary weather. The two of them made the most of their time by racing around together through the brush and having lots of fun together. Variety Pack The park was empty when we arrived, just as the hail storm was dissipating. Isaac and Coco didn't mind, as they just wanted to chase tennis balls. Eventually, some other dogs started showing up. Ruffers and Coco both hopped around with a few of them, while Isaac joined in some chases. Thompson sniffed hello with everyone and made some playful gestures with one dog who was very tall and had a beautiful, long, tan-and-white coat.

Wednesday, April 26th

Adventure Pack After sniffing around the trailhead together, Mamacita and Coco both decided it was time for a wiggle in the tall grass. While the two of them were having fun, Sputnik and Colby play-bowed and hopped around with each other. After that playful start to the hike, we had a pleasant time on the trails that was only interrupted when a big truck came down Bluebell Road. When we stepped off the paved trail to let the truck by, Colby leapt as far into the brush and away from the truck as the leash would allow. Mamacita, on the other hand, leapt toward the truck with a stern bark to let it know that its rumbling intimidation tactics were not appreciated. Coco and Sputnik just stoo

Tuesday, April 25th

Adventure Pack Coco and Sputnik had a pleasant hike at the Chautauqua this morning. Coco started things off by wiggling around in the tall grass at the trailhead while Sputnik put his nose to work. We came across several other dogs along the trails. We gave them enough space to avoid getting too worked up and everyone passed nicely. Variety Pack Isaac was especially wired this afternoon. He raced after tennis balls and had little patience with the tag-a-longs who shadowed him. When he got hot, he plunged his paws into water bowls and buckets without hesitation. Meanwhile, Thompson was on the move more than usual today. He spent more time roaming than he spent hanging out by the people

Monday, April 24th

Adventure Pack Mamacita created a cute photo op on the trails this morning when she ducked under Rucksack's tummy while we were pulled over to the side of the trail to let some other hikers pass. After I snapped a photo of her, she walked all the way underneath her taller packmate. Rucksack was mostly unperturbed by her intrusion, until she started to lift his back legs off the ground, at which point he scrambled over her. Sputnik and Coco were on their best behavior as we encountered many dogs today. Even when some of the other dogs we saw were riled up and pulling at their leashes, the pack stayed calm and disinterested in any shenanigans. Variety Pack Thompson, Colby, and Coco all hop

Friday, April 21st

Adventure Pack Coco, Mamacita, Rucksack, and Sputnik were all drawn to the tall, dewy grass by the trails this morning. Even though we had just taken a water break, they found this one patch irresistible and all swarmed around to chomp on it. Rucksack led the way but was soon satisfied. His packmates followed close on his heels and required some convincing to eventually leave it behind and continue on our way. At one point during our hike, Mamacita and Sputnik each play-bowed for the other and held that position for several long seconds before hopping up and nosing at each other affectionately. Variety Pack Stella, Thompson, Ruffers, Colby, Coco, and Mamacita all had a pleasant, light hi

Thursday, April 20th

Adventure Pack Sputnik and Coco spent a long while sniffing around at the trailhead again this morning. We also made a number of long stops along the trail to thoroughly investigate the day's smells. We saw a handful of other dogs on the trails and Coco and Sputnik both conducted themselves very politely as we passed, and sat by me nicely when one came over with their human to get a spare poop bag. Variety Pack Ruffers found several playmates at the park this afternoon, including a Lab and Pit Bull mix who looked like our old pack member Hades from eight years ago. The playful friend also enjoyed chasing after Isaac while Isaac fetched his tennis ball. Coco joined in with Ruffers to wres

Wednesday, April 19th

Adventure Pack We encountered a very shy dog on the Mesa Trail this morning who hung back as the pack approached, then quickly darted by as we came near. The sudden burst made the pack jump and then growl for a brief moment as they didn't know what the other dog intended. But when the dog ran off, the pack quickly settled down. We saw the same dog on our way back. That time, the dog slinked off the side of the trail and ran through the brush to avoid any chance of confrontation, and the pack didn't give a second look. Mamacita and Coco both had fun wiggling around on their backs in the grass. Once back in the packmobile, Sputnik bathed Colby's ears with licks - much as Rucksack has oft

Tuesday, April 18th

Adventure Pack Isaac joined Sputnik and Coco for our hike this morning. He and Coco danced around each other excitedly when they first hopped out of the packmobile. The brush around the inlet to the Baseline Trail at 7th street has become a point of great interest to the pack each morning. We spend several minutes at the outset of each hike just hanging out there while the dogs sniff all around. A goofy yellow Lab came over and briefly sniffed hello with Coco. The Lab was friendly but a bit discourteous as he pressed right into Coco's personal space without any hesitation, earning him an indignant retort. Meanwhile, Isaac and Sputnik were both too busy sniffing around in the brush to e

Monday, April 17th

Adventure Pack Mamacita and Sputnik hiked along side-by-side with me while Coco and Rucksack explored off-leash together this morning. Mamacita was very interested in what Sputnik had for breakfast, and sniffed at his face a few times along the way to get a better idea. It was very pleasant hiking weather and there were plenty of scents for the dogs to investigate on the trails, as well. We made a few long stops for everyone to thoroughly check out some points of particular interest. Variety Pack Thompson insisted on a stop at the Creek during our walk this afternoon. With his thick fur coat and the warming weather, I couldn't blame him. And when we got to the water, his packmates were

Friday, April 14th

Adventure Pack Mamacita, Coco, and Sputnik all stopped to get their paws wet and have a drink from the stream by the Mesa Trail which has been flowing fast and clear with snow melt lately. Isaac, never one to miss an opportunity to get wet, took things a step further by flopping right down in the stream for a good soak. It was a busy day on the trails and we saw several other dogs along the way. Coco and Sputnik stayed calm and polite even when we passed a rambunctious, young German Shepherd who was jumping around and pulling at the leash. I don't know if it's the warmer weather that has brought this more mellow demeanor with it, but it has been nice to have our more testy pack members c

Thursday, April 13th

Adventure Pack Mamacita, Coco, and Sputnik sniffed the trails and hiked along together calmly this morning. We saw a few little puppies along the way, one of whom came up and sniffed hello. Sputnik has been much easier to keep calm lately, even when a passing dog is excited and pulling at the leash. I wonder whether it's the warmer weather that is causing him to be a bit more subdued. Variety Pack The mellow energy of this morning continued into the afternoon as the pack sought shade on perhaps the warmest, sunniest day of the season so far (though there was that series of brief, winter heat waves in February). Of course, Isaac still ran after the tennis ball; but he took more frequent b

Wednesday, April 12th

Adventure Pack Colby was relatively relaxed for most of our hike at the Chautauqua this morning. She got a little jumpy when a baby with some hikers we passed started crying. She kept turning to look over her shoulder but once we got some distance ahead she settled down and fell back into a comfortable rhythm with the rest of the pack. A couple little dogs came up and sniffed hellos with Mamacita, Coco, Colby, and Sputnik. After everyone had a sniff, I noticed a snarl start to form on Sputnik's lip so I laid my hand over his muzzle, and that was enough to calm him. Colby again drank water from the CamelBak spout without hesitation after licking her lips while watching Sputnik and Coco sl

Tuesday, April 11th

Adventure Pack Mamacita, Coco, and Sputnik had a pleasant hike at the Chautauqua this morning. A family of hikers asked to say hello to the pack and the dogs all happily enjoyed the pets. Sputnik didn't try to pull at all toward the other dogs we saw on the trail today, and instead trotted by politely along with his packmates. Play Pack Ruffers quickly made friends with a St. Bernard upon arriving at the park, while Isaac quickly found a tennis ball with with to begin his endless rounds of fetch. A young black Lab mix came over to greet the pack, and Coco and Mamacita both made some playful moves with him. Meanwhile, Thompson was feeling especially lively today. A young male got him goi

Monday, April 10th

Adventure Pack Sputnik, Coco, Rucksack, and Mamacita all took their time sniffing around the beginning of the trail this morning. When they all seemed done with one spot, it was only a few steps before something else caught their interest and all their noses down again. This theme continued through the morning, with frequent pauses to assess the various odors we encountered. Variety Pack The olfactory world was apparently humming today, as the afternoon's pack members were as engaged in sniffing around as their counterparts were this morning. Colby was so distracted by the scents at the side of the path that she accidentally stepped right in a mess that Thompson had just left, so we made

Friday, April 7th

Adventure Pack Coco and Rucksack enjoyed chasing each other through the brush and snow on the Mesa Trail this morning. Sputnik and Mamacita watched with restrained excitement, leaping towards their packmates whenever the chase brought them near us. On the way back, everyone was pretty mellow and kept in pace without pulling at all, so I was able to comfortably hold all their loose leashes in one hand. Variety Pack I tried to keep the pack from getting too messy by keeping them on leash as we went by the stretch of trail at CU South Campus where there are really mucky ditches; however, moments after unleashing some of them, Thompson wandered off and found some muck to wade through anyway, a

Thursday, April 6th

Adventure Pack The trails were pretty quiet today as Coco, Sputnik, and Mamacita made their way up the Mesa Trail. The snow has already largely melted away, so it wasn't deep enough in most places for Sputnik to bury his face in it the way he did with Colby yesterday. In some of the shallow banks of snow, there were pockets that had opened up to the grass below, which attracted the noses of the whole pack. Variety Pack Ruffers was off having fun with a Boxer and a Husky early on during today's visit to the Valmont Dog Park. Meanwhile, Mamacita accompanied Thompson as he sauntered around the park. Later on, Thompson slipped under his favorite tree stump for a few minutes, which drew his p

Wednesday, April 5th

Adventure Pack Sputnik and Colby both enjoyed plowing their faces through the fresh snow alongside the trails this morning. Coco and Mamacita were more delicate as they sniffed at the surface of the snow without disturbing it...until they walked through it and peed on it. Despite the snow on the ground, the clear, sunny skies made for very mild and pleasant hiking weather. Variety Pack Ruffers was in a playful mood at the park this afternoon and tried to get Coco to indulge her in some wrestling. Coco made a few moves with her packmate but not enough to entertain Ruffers, so Ruffers found playmates in a miniature Australian Shepherd and a Pit Bull at the park who ran with her. When Coco

Tuesday, April 4th

Adventure Pack Mamacita didn't seem too excited to go out in the cold and snow this morning, but once she hit the trails her attitude changed completely. She made playful leaps in the snow while Sputnik and Coco buried their noses in it and found spots that they thought should be yellow. Coco and Sputnik got to chase each other through the snow when we came across a stretch where there were no other hikers, dogs or human, around. Later on, I tried throwing snowballs for the dogs. Mamacita watched curiously but then just stood in place as the snowball dropped onto her head. Sputnik was more enthusiastic and caught several snowballs. Coco caught the first one I threw to her, but then ran