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Tuesday, April 4th

Adventure Pack

Mamacita didn't seem too excited to go out in the cold and snow this morning, but once she hit the trails her attitude changed completely. She made playful leaps in the snow while Sputnik and Coco buried their noses in it and found spots that they thought should be yellow. Coco and Sputnik got to chase each other through the snow when we came across a stretch where there were no other hikers, dogs or human, around. Later on, I tried throwing snowballs for the dogs. Mamacita watched curiously but then just stood in place as the snowball dropped onto her head. Sputnik was more enthusiastic and caught several snowballs. Coco caught the first one I threw to her, but then ran off with excitement and didn't try for any more.

Variety Pack

The pack followed Thompson's route as we entered the park today - first stop: rock pile straight ahead, second stop: concrete pad at center of park, third stop: tree stump by south gate. Isaac ran back and forth, fetching a tennis ball all the while. Coco went after some throws as well. She and Mamacita were walking side-by-side at one point when Coco bolted for a ball without looking where she was going. She plowed right into Mamacita, sending her packmate into a surprise roll as Coco continued in stride, seemingly completely unaware of her collision. After that, Mamacita kept closer tabs on the dogs that were running near her. She eyed them warily and made a point to steer well clear of any potential running routes. On our way out of the park, Thompson was met by an exuberant puppy who relentlessly licked at his face while Thompson moaned and groaned and did his best to avoid the onslaught of puppy affection until the little one finally moved on.

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