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Thursday, April 6th

Adventure Pack

The trails were pretty quiet today as Coco, Sputnik, and Mamacita made their way up the Mesa Trail. The snow has already largely melted away, so it wasn't deep enough in most places for Sputnik to bury his face in it the way he did with Colby yesterday. In some of the shallow banks of snow, there were pockets that had opened up to the grass below, which attracted the noses of the whole pack.

Variety Pack

Ruffers was off having fun with a Boxer and a Husky early on during today's visit to the Valmont Dog Park. Meanwhile, Mamacita accompanied Thompson as he sauntered around the park. Later on, Thompson slipped under his favorite tree stump for a few minutes, which drew his packmates over to sniff around the stump. Isaac and Coco were all about fetch, as usual. When they aren't chasing after a tennis ball, they are usually staring at me expectantly, waiting for me to throw one.

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