Monday, April 17th

Adventure Pack

Mamacita and Sputnik hiked along side-by-side with me while Coco and Rucksack explored off-leash together this morning. Mamacita was very interested in what Sputnik had for breakfast, and sniffed at his face a few times along the way to get a better idea. It was very pleasant hiking weather and there were plenty of scents for the dogs to investigate on the trails, as well. We made a few long stops for everyone to thoroughly check out some points of particular interest.

Variety Pack

Thompson insisted on a stop at the Creek during our walk this afternoon. With his thick fur coat and the warming weather, I couldn't blame him. And when we got to the water, his packmates were very happy to join him for a splash. Colby, Coco, and Isaac all dove right in alongside Thompson as soon as we reached the water's edge. Stella waited for her packmates to settle down a little before stepping in and getting her paws wet, too.