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Tuesday, April 18th

Adventure Pack

Isaac joined Sputnik and Coco for our hike this morning. He and Coco danced around each other excitedly when they first hopped out of the packmobile. The brush around the inlet to the Baseline Trail at 7th street has become a point of great interest to the pack each morning. We spend several minutes at the outset of each hike just hanging out there while the dogs sniff all around. A goofy yellow Lab came over and briefly sniffed hello with Coco. The Lab was friendly but a bit discourteous as he pressed right into Coco's personal space without any hesitation, earning him an indignant retort. Meanwhile, Isaac and Sputnik were both too busy sniffing around in the brush to even take notice of the Lab before he continued on.

Variety Pack

When we first arrived at the park, Ruffers immediately headed off to make friends, Thompson and Coco wandered off to sniff around, and Isaac went in search of a tennis ball. A little later on, Thompson and Coco sniffed around the old tree stumps while Ruffers lay in the shade next to Isaac, who was taking a brief break in between rounds of fetch. We saw a couple young dogs wrestling around and one was being a bit of a bully to the other by not letting him get up after knocking him over. Coco and Ruffers both took turns addressing the situation by mounting the pushy pup until they successfully drew his attention away from the put-upon play mate.

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