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Thursday, April 20th

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Coco spent a long while sniffing around at the trailhead again this morning. We also made a number of long stops along the trail to thoroughly investigate the day's smells. We saw a handful of other dogs on the trails and Coco and Sputnik both conducted themselves very politely as we passed, and sat by me nicely when one came over with their human to get a spare poop bag.

Variety Pack

Ruffers found several playmates at the park this afternoon, including a Lab and Pit Bull mix who looked like our old pack member Hades from eight years ago. The playful friend also enjoyed chasing after Isaac while Isaac fetched his tennis ball. Coco joined in with Ruffers to wrestle around with a few of her new friends. Thompson greeted all the dogs but didn't attempt any playful moves with them.

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