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Monday, May 1st

Adventure Pack

Rucksack and Coco stuck close by when they were off leash this morning. No big chases, just some sniffing around as they ambled along the trail. Rucksack spent a good deal of his off-leash time right next to his packmates and me while Coco investigated the trail about ten feet ahead of us, as she often does. Near the end of our hike, Sputnik tried making some moves with Mamacita but she was not into it today and rebuffed his playful advances.

Variety Pack

We headed to the Foothills Dog Park in North Boulder this afternoon, where Colby had been a bit on edge during her last couple visits some weeks ago. She was definitely more comfortable today as she walked the park along with Coco and me, with Stella and Thompson taking their time behind us on the route around the perimeter. Colby did head over to the gate a few times but she kept rejoining me and Coco and was still interested in things like sniffing whatever Coco sniffed and coming with me to round up our old slowpokes Stella and Thompson. A young, fluffy, white-coated Husky with blue eyes like Thompson's showed up for the latter half of our visit. Thompson and Coco were both very interested in him and followed him around a bit. They both threw their heads over his back as they greeted, but neither went for the full mount.

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