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Tuesday, May 2nd

Adventure Pack

We had a new member join the pack today for his first outing; Griff! Griff is a very sweet dog who got along with Sputnik, Coco, and Ruffers right off the bat. Even though Sputnik tends to be on edge when he first meets a new dog, he didn't show any hint of anxiety with Griff at any point. Griff pulled a bit on the leash now and then but generally stuck by me. He and Sputnik hiked along side-by-side and Sputnik gave Griff a few licks on the ear at one point. Ruffers pawed at Coco's shoulder to invite her to make some playful moves with her while Griff and Sputnik sniffed around in the tall grass together. It was a wonderful outing with our new pack member Griff, and his packmates and I are definitely looking forward to seeing more of him!

Variety Pack

Ruffers and Isaac both raced around with a few other dogs at the park this afternoon while Coco followed me around and Thompson got attention from other humans. Ruffers had some fun wrestling around with a dog named Miles who we've seen a lot of in recent months. She also joined in with a couple young dogs who were wrestling each other. When one of them mounted the other, Ruffers mounted that dog in turn, and then Coco ran over gave a stern bark at the lot of them to break it up.

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