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Monday, May 22nd

Adventure Pack

Sputnik, Mamacita, and Rucksack hiked through the mud at the Chautauqua this morning. It was thick and slick, but the dogs didn't mind a bit. I had a little more trouble with footing than they did but it was manageable, and once we got up the Chautauqua Trail the rest of the trails weren't so bad.

Variety Pack

Thompson and Cooper were insistent about stopping and marking numerous spots at the outset of our walk along the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. Sanaya and Colby were pretty interested, too, and followed behind their packmates to check out the scents they discovered. Meanwhile, Coco and Stella were both pretty easy-going. They just waited for their packmates to finish their business and then followed along right behind me when we got to walking. Eventually, the rest of the pack fell into a steady rhythm and we had a nice walk along the Creek.

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