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Tuesday, May 23rd

Adventure Pack

The mud has started to dry up but there was still one very slick spot just before the Chautauqua Trail meets the branch that heads off toward the Royal Arch. Griff, Sputnik, and Coco were all very interested in sniffing around at the beginning of our hike and and again at the end. Mamacita, who joined us for the day, was not so interested at the outset but joined her packmates in exploring the smells amidst the tall grass along the final stretch of trail before we got back to the packmobile. Griff has been getting more and more comfortable with the pack with every outing. After I snapped the photo posted above, Griff walked up to me, put his paw in my lap, and licked my face. It was very sweet. Meanwhile, Sputnik and Coco were lying with their legs overlapped. Mamacita had found something interesting to sniff and wasn't interested in posing for the camera.

Variety Pack

With Sanaya back in the pack, I now have three dogs who are obsessed with fetch and who follow me around the park with intent stares, waiting for the next throw. Coco, Isaac, and Sanaya all got to play plenty of fetch today while Ruffers played with other dogs and Thompson wandered around, sniffing and getting pet by humans. At one point, Sanaya dug up a little hole and seemed to be considering burying her ball. Ruffers made friends with a dog who appeared to be a distant cousin, judging by the pattern of his coat. He also exhibited a very paw-intensive style of play that was much like Ruffers' own.

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