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Thursday, June 1st

Adventure Pack

There was a lot less foot traffic at the Chautauqua today. The humidity combined with the warm temperature to have the dogs panting early on, so we took several breaks along the way. Griff and Cooper are not fully comfortable with the CamelBak yet, but they each drank a little after I tucked the spout into the sides of their mouths. When the dogs are hesitant to take water, that method seems to work pretty well. It avoids the gut reaction to pull back from the stream of water spraying toward them, and instead they just instinctively start lapping up the water that flows into their mouths. Coco and Sputnik needed no coaxing as they are old pros at the CamelBak water method.

Variety Pack

The pack enjoyed a walk along the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. Colby and Isaac both bolted for the water when we made a stop along the Creek about halfway through our walk. Sanaya and Thompson followed them, eager to get in the water but not as intensely so as their packmates. Stella kept to dry land while the rest of the pack had a good soak. Storm clouds started gathering and we heard some thunder in the distance on the return leg of the walk, but none of the dogs were too freaked out by it and they all continued to walk along in an orderly manner until we made it back to the packmobile.

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