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Friday, June 2nd

Adventure pack

A thunderstorm started to roll in while the pack was out on the trails this morning. Mamacita and Sputnik were unperturbed. Rucksack, on the other hand, was clearly unsettled. He turned back down the trail and when I called him he stopped in place and just looked at me, refusing to continue on our way up. He relented when the rest of us turned and went on our way, but he was still hesitant to come along. Coco was concerned about her friend and lingered behind to accompany Rucksack until he caught up.

Variety Pack

Stella, Sanaya, Thompson, Colby, and Coco all enjoyed a walk at the CU South Campus trails this afternoon. Everyone sniffed hello with a friendly pair of dogs who came up to greet us as we passed, going opposite ways around the big loop. We came across another dog who was young and a bit more wired, and Colby warned him off with a little growl when he skittered up to us. The pack passed on by all the other dogs we saw along the way, amiably. Thompson and Sanaya were excited about splashing in the water when we crossed a couple ditches. Coco was back to wiggling around in tall grass, though she didn't indulge nearly as much as yesterday.

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