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Monday, June 5th

Adventure Pack

Mamacita took on the rolling-in-the-grass mantle in Coco's stead this morning while Colby sniffed at her, curiously. Later on, Colby and Sputnik had a fun time running around together off leash when we came across an empty stretch of trail. Storm cloud rolled past us as we made our way back down the trail and there was some distant thunder. Rucksack was not as upset by the rumbling as he had been last week, but he was a bit impatient when we stopped by the trash receptacles on our way back to the car.

Variety Pack

The storm clouds had passed by the time we headed out for our walk along the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. Thompson and Cooper needed to make frequent stops early on during our walk and they were joined by Sanaya as they sniffed around and marked various spots. Coco, Stella, and Colby were easier to manage since they just followed me around. When we stopped at the Creek, Colby dove right in to spot where it was deep enough to swim. After she had her fill and climbed out, Cooper jumped into the same spot. Meanwhile, Thompson, Colby, and Coco were wading through shallows and Stella was just getting her paws wet at the water's edge.