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Thursday, June 22nd

Adventure Pack

The pack encountered a black bear on the Baseline Trail this morning shortly after heading out from the Chautauqua Trailhead. At first glance I thought it was a dog on the trail but then it stepped out into better view. It was downwind from us and the dogs were too busy sniffing around to notice as it turned and headed off along the trail in the opposite direction. Before it was gone, Griff caught sight of it and started to bark. Coco, Cooper, and Sputnik still didn't seem to catch on. The bear didn't react to Griff and kept walking away, and we headed off in the opposite direction, back where we came from.

Variety Pack

Ruby had her second outing with the pack today. We headed to the trails at CU South Campus for a light hike as ominous thunderclouds passed by just south of us. Ruffers and Ruby both got nervous and started pulling back toward the car during a brief period of frequent lightning strikes in the distance. Before long, the lightning subsided and then the pair of them started making some playful moves with each other. Meanwhile, Yoda and Roger Roger hiked along in step behind me. Thompson was interested in leaving as many scent marks along the side of the trail as he could, as usual. Colby was in a pulling mood and kept trying to get ahead until I re-positioned her directly at my side, at which point she fell into place and trotted along nicely with her packmates.

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