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Friday, July 7th

Adventure pack

The dogs are loving the deep-running stream at the trails by Settler's Park. Sputnik, Mamacita, and Rucksack all took their time to get nice and soaked, but Isaac lingered the longest and repeatedly lay down in the water to get as wet as possible. However, being wet wasn't enough for Isaac so when we took a break in the shade along the Anemone Trail a short while later, he took the opportunity to dig up some dirt and then roll around in the loosened soil. What a character. Rucksack was back to licking Mamacita's ears again today and he gave them a thorough tongue-bath while Mamacita trotted along without reaction.

Variety Pack

Colby was very excited to go out with the pack today and gave Sputnik lots of kisses in the car. Sputnik returned her affections, though not with the same unbridled enthusiasm that Colby showed. On the walk, Coco and Isaac both enjoyed a wiggle in the grass. A playful spirit took over Sputnik and he started hopping around in play-bows, to be joined in his antics by Coco and Colby.

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