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Monday, July 17th

Adventure pack

We made frequent stops on our way up the Anemone Trail this afternoon as Cooper was in the mood to leave scent marks about every 100 yards. Sputnik often followed suit after Cooper marked a spot, while Rucksack and Mamacita sniffed at the opposite side of the trail as they waited for their packmates to take care of business. We took a break in the shade partway up the trail before heading back down for another dip in the stream.

Variety Pack

The pack headed to the Bear Creek Path this afternoon where the air off the Creek helped keep things a little bit cooler. We avoided actually getting in the water since it tends to have a pretty strong odor there. The dogs enjoyed lying in a shady spot on the grass at Martin Park to cool off, in addition to a couple breaks to drink water from the CamelBak. Coco and Stella quickly turned to wiggling around in the grass, and they were eventually joined by Isaac. Griff and Colby just eyed their packmates warily and tried to keep out of the way of flailing limbs.

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