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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff and Coco had fun running along the trail together this morning. Sputnik and Cooper put their noses to work and left lots of scent marks along the way again. We came by a few other groups of dogs along the way. Griff and Coco went over and sniffed hello with them all while I hung back with Sputnik and Cooper, who were too whiny/grumbly to trust for a greeting.

Variety Pack

Ruffers had fun with a brindle-coated dog at the park this afternoon. Her friend also made a few playful moves with Mamacita. He tried to run with Isaac while Isaac was playing fetch, but Isaac didn't like how he was running into him, so he sent him off with a few stern growls that were muffled by the tennis ball in his mouth. Zoey played some fetch and I encouraged her to actually return with the ball by encouraging her when she caught it and keeping the excitement level up to draw her back to me. Thompson was up and about most of the time, sniffing all around. We crossed paths with his longtime admirer Keeyush, a Malamute/Shepherd mix, and she gave him lots of kisses as he held his head up and pretended to be too good for her.

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