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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Coco lay down in the stream on our way up the mountain as Cooper, Sputnik, and Griff waded around in it. Before we got to the trails, Cooper was very whiny/growly in the car when he saw another dog out for a walk. On the trails, he was calmer when we passed other dogs. At one point, we had pulled off to some shade at the side of the trail and a group with two Huskies and a Lab passed by. Cooper and Sputnik both watched with interest from a short distance, but neither of them tensed up or made any noise. Coco and Griff were calm and happy, as they typically are with other dogs.

Variety Pack

Zoey was feeling a little less than great as she had some bits of hard plastic working through her system today, so the pack went for a light walk at Bear Creek to keep things low-key. She passed the plastic during the walk and seemed to be feeling better by afterward. She, Isaac, and Ruffers all enjoyed the walk, with occasional breaks in the shade. Zoey and Isaac were happy to drink some water along the way. Isaac even licked some drops from Zoey's chin so as not to let any go to waste. Ruffers drank a little bit, too, even though she usually isn't very interested in water from the CamelBak.

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