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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Cooper started off the morning by leaving scent marks about every 100 ft through the park on our way to the trail head. We came across a few other dogs on the trails and everyone was friendly, though I didn't let Sputnik linger since he tends to grow uneasy pretty quickly. Back at the packmobile after the hike, Coco, Griff, and Cooper all lay down side-by-side while Sputnik sprawled out in the back.

Variety Pack

Ruffers and Zoey dodged around with each other and with a few other playful pups at the park this afternoon. Thompson and Benny came through to sniff hello with them all, too. Isaac was too busy fetching his tennis ball to stop and make friends. An old dog showed an interest in Benny and the two of them made a couple playful moves with each other. Thompson saw a couple Husky friends of his, Rocky and Anana (sp?) who were visiting the park with their human, and he spent a while hanging out with them. Zoey and Isaac capped off their park visit by splashing around in the kiddie pool and chasing down a few last throws of the tennis ball before it was time to go.

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