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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Cooper was pretty worked up about the other dogs on the trails when we first set out this morning. The rest of the pack remained calm while Cooper whined and barked. Once we got moving, Cooper settled down and didn't react to passing dogs so much. Coco, Griff, and Sputnik were relaxed throughout the walk, which we took at a leisurely pace today. Everyone enjoyed taking their time to sniff out various points of interest along the way.

Variety Pack

Colby, Ruffers, Zoey, and Isaac walked the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. There was a squirrel hanging out in the grass not far from where we parked, which immediately caught the attentions of Ruffers and Colby. Zoey and Isaac weren't that interested in the squirrel and just wanted to get walking. Zoey got pretty excited when she saw a tennis ball beside the path, but we left it behind. Like the Adventure Pack this morning, we took a leisurely pace as the dogs did a lot of sniffing along the way. Colby jumped when a skateboard passed by us at one point; however, a short while later, she was pretty much unfazed by another skateboard with bigger wheels that didn't make as much noise as it rolled by. The rest of the pack didn't take any particular notice of either skateboarder, and just trotted along together.

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