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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Some hikers commented on how well behaved the pack was as they posed for a photo on our way up the Chautauqua Trail this morning. Ruffers, who was off leash at the time, went right over to say hello. She was soon followed by Sputnik, who is always eager to get any human attention he can. Mamacita walked over a little more tentatively and sniffed at them. Colby kept her distance and kept looking around to make sure everything was cool. Colby settled down when we got moving again, but she was a little jumpy whenever we passed by other hikers. Later on, Sputnik went off leash with Ruffers. He kept running up ahead and lying down to wait in ambush and then leap out and run by Ruffers. Ruffers just dodged him and then chose not to pursue. Sputnik kept trying this tactic over and over again, with the same lukewarm response from Ruffers.

Variety Pack

It was cool enough for Thompson to join the pack today, for the first time in a while. Along with Yoda, Zoey, and Coco, we headed to Settlers Park to walk the Boulder Creek Path. The whole pack took their time sniffing around the parks at the beginning of the walk, but then fell into a steady rhythm as we made our way along the creek. We found one spot where the water is pretty deep right by the bank, and the pack enjoyed wading around together for a little while.

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