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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The weather has taken quite a turn, as it was in the 40's and overcast for our hike this morning. The cool weather seems to have brought out Mamacita's feisty side, as she barked at a passing dog for the first time in a very long time. Mamacita's outburst spurred Sputnik on to make a a tough-guy show as well. Thankfully, Cooper didn't add to the fuss and Rucksack was calm as usual. Other than that encounter, we had a pleasant time hiking at the Chautauqua and only came across one muddy patch along the way.

Variety Pack

Thompson, Coco, Stella, and Colby enjoyed a walk along the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. There were intermittent sprinkles as we made our way, but not enough to soak through coats - fur or fabric (for me). Thompson wanted to make frequent stops to sniff around and leave scent marks. Stella, Coco, and Colby took turns following up Thompson's marks with their own.

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