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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

There were butterflies everywhere today! Coco tried to catch one who flew dangerously close to her, but it managed to dodge her jaws. There were a lot of dogs on the trails today as well, and we gave them a wide berth after yesterday's outburst from Sputnik. While I focused on having Sputnik sit and stay calm, Cooper and Coco watched the dogs go by and Griff just sniffed around in the brush. Cooper whined a bit at some of the dogs as they passed, but the pack otherwise kept their cool.

Variety Pack

Colby, Zoey, and Ruffers all had some fun chasing each other along the trail at CU South Campus this afternoon. There were lots of butterflies there, too, but I didn't see any of the dogs going after them like Coco had this morning. Benny, Isaac, and Thompson trotted right along with me. Benny lagged behind to sniff around every once in a while, but always caught up and stuck close by. Zoey wandered down into the dried-up ditch and ignored me for a stretch before finally rejoining the pack. The trails were less busy than the Chautauqua this morning but we came across several small groups of dogs at the end of our hike. Ruffers, Thompson, and Benny were the most interested in sniffing hello.

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