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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Coco was very interested in investigating the smells along the trail today. Sputnik, Cooper, and Griff all made a lot of stops to sniff around, and then Coco would follow up after them and spend a lot longer making sure she got the whole story. When we returned to the car at the end of the hike, Cooper got very worked up about a dog who walked by and he started barking, which got Sputnik going as well. I got Cooper to lie down, and then I told Sputnik to settle down and he listened very well. A minute later, when I started pulling the car away, Cooper got worked up again. This time, however, Sputnik turned his attention to Cooper and barked at him, seemingly conveying the message, "Hey! Greg told us to stop that!" They grumbled at each other a bit and then settled down once we headed down the street.

Variety Pack

Thompson has been enjoying his pack outing in the cooler weather lately. He has been a lot more lively than he was during the summer. It's great to see him with a bounce in his step again. Sputnik and Zoey raced around with each other at CU South Campus this afternoon. Ruffers joined in with them and they all had some fun running together and dodging each other. A little later in the walk, Isaac and Zoey enjoyed splashing through the ditch and getting muddy together. We stopped at the pond at the end of our walk so those two clowns could get a rinse, and the rest of the pack enjoyed the opportunity to take a dip as well.

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