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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

After sniffing around off-leash with Coco for a bit, Griff took off racing through the snow. Cooper and Sputnik leapt out at him whenever he passed by us. Coco made some half-hearted attempts at chasing him, but she knew she couldn't keep up with him so she let him zoom off ahead of her. Cooper held it together for a while today before he just started barking incessantly at Griff for enjoying himself. I got the fun police to settle down and then Coco and Griff went back on leash for the last stretch of the hike.

Variety Pack

There were a lot of playful pups at the park this afternoon and Ruffers wasted no time in making friends. Meanwhile, Zoey found a human who was happy to throw tennis balls for her, one after another. There was a recent dump of fresh balls at the park so the pair of them were entertained for a while; her by chasing down the seemingly never-ending supply of balls and him by watching her goofy antics as she pounced from one target to the next. Meanwhile, Thompson took it pretty easy. He followed his usual track in a J-loop around to the center pad of the park and hung out there for a while. Then, we all walked to the south end of the park and back. It was at that moment when I realized I had misunderstood a message about Isaac's participation in pack activities this week, so I rounded everyone up and we headed out to pick him up. With Isaac among us, we headed to the Bear Creek Path - not far from his house - for a walk. Isaac followed dutifully in place directly behind me, as he typically does on leashed walks, while Ruffers and Thompson trotted along comfortably at my side. Zoey was on her own page throughout the walk and kept trying to either pull ahead or stop in place.

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