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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita was feeling tired today after having gotten loose to run around in the mountains by her house earlier this morning. On our way up the Chautauqua Trail, she stopped in place a couple times to insist that we take a break. Ruffers was first off the leash this morning and she was joined by Sputnik when we reached an empty stretch of trail so I was sure Sputnik wouldn't get into trouble with any passing dogs. The pair of them enjoyed sniffing at old, fallen logs in the brush and chasing each other around. Colby was pretty relaxed for most of the hike until we came across a busy trail intersection. At that point, she started spinning all around to keep tabs on everyone in the area. After pulling off to the side of the trail and chilling out a couple times, she was able to settle down. Shortly after that, a young woman asked to say hello to the dogs. Ruffers and Mamacita got a few pets before Sputnik inserted himself in front of them to hog the attention. After watching her packmates get some love, Colby stepped forward to lick the woman's hand and get a little scratch on the head.

Variety Pack

The pack headed to Boulder Creek this afternoon. I hadn't realized just how much construction and excavation was going on in the area and was surprised to find that the bridge leading from Eben G. Fine Park toward town was closed down. We turned around and followed the path up to Boulder Canyon instead. We made a stop at the creek along the way, where we met a friendly female German Shepherd. The German Shepherd sniffed hello with Yoda, Thompson, Coco, and Zoey as they all got into the water together. After everyone was satisfied with their dip, we stopped to take a photo by the creek. Before we left, the German Shepherd came back over to the pack to say goodbye. We headed into Boulder Canyon until we eventually came to another bank by the creek. Zoey seemed especially anxious to get to the water but once we were there neither she nor her packmates stepped in more than ankle-deep. We headed back toward Eben G. Fine Park from there.

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