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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The trails remained dry and firm despite the snowfall of the past 24 hours. There wasn't enough snow on the ground for the dogs to really take notice. Rucksack didn't leap to trees with falling globs of melting snow, and nobody chomped on any. We just hiked along our route with occasional sniff & pee breaks. Happily, Mamacita didn't react to any of the hikers in their winter coats - a condition that has often earned her mistrust in the past. Cooper whined a bit whenever we passed by other dogs, and Sputnik thankfully refrained from adding his own two cents; rather, he opted just to walk on the far side of the trail from passing dogs and let them merrily on their way.

Variety Pack

The work on the path leading from Eben G. Fine Park, which caused the bridge to be closed last week, was completed so I brought the pack along it this afternoon. Moods were mellower than yesterday, when it seemed the cold, snowy weather brought out the dogs' more playful sides. Thompson, Stella, Coco, and Colby just followed along the path with me and made a few stops along the way to sniff around amidst piles of fallen leaves. A pack of bikers rode by us at one point and I was glad to see Colby wasn't really bothered by them.

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