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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Colby and Griff raced around through the snow beside the Mesa Trail this morning. Unfortunately, they ran around independently of each other in the hopes that the other would chase after them, but they never got in sync. Later on, Coco and Griff played scout as they checked out the trail ahead. Coco was sporting her new winter coat. Of course, at one point during the hike, she found a tree to rub against like she always does when she is wearing clothes. Despite there being few hikers out today, almost all of them had dogs. Sputnik was in a less inviting mood than average so I kept him on a short leash as we passed them. Near the end of our hike, Sputnik turned his attention to Colby and started licking her ears. The two of them made playful moves with each other. In one moment, Colby planted her paw right on top of Sputnik's head while he was bowing in front of her. It would have made an adorable photo but the moment had come and gone before I had a chance to get the camera out.

Variety Pack

Ruffers, Isaac, and Zoey all raced around the park together with each other and with a few other playful dogs, within moments of entering the park. Meanwhile, Thompson took his time as he made his way along his usual route to the nearby pile of boulders and then over to the concrete pad where he got some attention from the humans at the park. After a while, an intact male came over and had a stiff greeting with Thompson. After a bit of a standoff, Thompson turned to leave and the other dog charged him, but I was standing right over them and broke it up quickly. The other dog left the park after that and then the pack headed to the section at the north end where they could enjoy the snow. Isaac flopped in the snow while Thompson, Ruffers, and Zoey sniffed around.

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