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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Coco just sniffed along the trail when I let them off leash together on the Mesa Trail this morning - no chasing or wrestling. When I saw other dogs coming up the trail, Sputnik came back on the leash with Mamacita and me while Rucksack took a turn off the leash. Rucksack and Coco greeted a dog who was carrying a stick. I wondered whether Rucksack would be inspired to find one of his own, but he wasn't. The pack were calm and friendly as we passed and briefly greeted various dogs; however, there was dog who lingered for a while and eventually Sputnik got uneasy and growled for a brief moment. With human hikers, the pack was unanimously and consistently friendly, as usual. Mamacita and Sputnik got more attention from people because Rucksack and Coco were often distracted by their noses as they investigated off to the sides of the trail.

Variety Pack

Like this morning, everyone just wanted to walk and sniff this afternoon. When I let Coco and Colby off leash, they didn't make any playful moves. Thompson took the off-leash opportunity to wander down to the lower trail and walk on his own for a while. Eventually, he crossed the ditch back over to the rest of us and then everyone enjoyed wading in the pond for a bit. Stella was so eager to get in the water that she tried to lie down in the little stream we crossed on our way to the pond. I tugged her on and then we headed straight to the pond, where everyone enjoyed a dip.

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