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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik was in a more agreeable mood than last week and stayed calm and pleasant with the several dogs we encountered along the trails today. He was very interested in sniffing around whenever we lingered anywhere. Coco was less intent than Sputnik but she followed up with his finds some of the time. Mamacita got the full ear-licking treatment from Rucksack for the first time in a while. He started off during the last stretch of the hike and by the time we reached the trail head, Mamacita's ears were thoroughly soaked.

Variety Pack

The pack was joined by a new temporary addition today: Blu! Blu is the six-month-old successor to our beloved honorary packmate Luca, who passed away earlier this year. Blu was excited to greet the pack. His in-your-face puppy energy was a little much for Thompson upon first greeting and Thompson gave him a stern grumble, which Blu immediately respected. Blu was all over the place with excitement as we walked the Bear Creek Path. Thankfully, the rest of the pack stayed together so it wasn't too difficult to manage. Ruffers and Roger Roger joined our Monday regulars Stella, Thompson, and Coco for the day as well. Both of them just trotted along at my side, right in pace with me throughout the walk. Coco and Stella each took a turn wiggling around in the grass as they both love to do - Coco early on and then Stella just before we got back to the packmobile.

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