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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The dogs were all worked up this morning! Even Griff barked at a dog from the car, along with Sputnik and Coco, after we parked by the trail head. A little while later, the pack was greeted by a German Shepherd along the trails. Griff and Coco went over to say hello and everyone was being polite, but Sputnik got upset and growled. Despite her packmates' agitated states, Colby stayed calm and collected throughout our hike.

Variety Pack

The variety pack group was much calmer today than their morning counterparts. After a bit of sniffing around early on, everyone fell into and nice rhythm and trotted along very pleasantly. Benny, Colby, and Zoey brought up my right side while Isaac, Ruffers, and Mamacita took the left. A swarm of children passed by us at one point and a few of them came over to say hello to the dogs. Benny was the forward greeter and made the kids laugh with his kisses. Isaac and Colby, who both usually get a bit jumpy around kids, were actually very calm and behaved themselves nicely.

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