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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack enjoyed their hike to Enchanted Mesa this morning. A passing dog barked at the pack on our way up the trail. Coco and Sputnik only gave a little grumble in response. Then, Sputnik stopped in place and calmly watched as the other dog and her human made their way down the trail. Coco occupied herself by sniffing around in the grass, while Mamacita and Rucksack just looked ahead and wondered what the hold-up was for. Sputnik was eventually satisfied that the other dog was leaving and then we headed up to the mesa, where everyone enjoyed sniffing along the trail here and there as we went.

Variety Pack

Coco wiggled in the grass at Martin Park, along the Bear Creek Path, early on while Colby and Thompson searched out the right spots to relieve themselves. Later on in the walk, Colby found a stick that caught her fancy. She grabbed it up briefly and then dropped it. I brought the pack back over to it and Coco immediately snatched it up and started whipping it around while Zoey watched with intense interest and danced around her. When Coco was done, Colby grabbed it and chewed on it for a bit. Even though Zoey was interested in her packmates' use of the stick, she made no attempt to steal it away or to pick it up when they left it behind. Thompson and Stella couldn't care less about the stick and just hung out while the youngins had their fun.

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