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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Rucksack was very eager to get off the leash and go for a run. Sputnik joined him when there were no other dogs on the trail around us and the two of them raced up and down the trail together. Coco wanted to join her packmates in their races but I kept her on leash since it was her first day back with the pack after breaking her toe a few weeks ago, and she still has it wrapped up. Mamacita just trotted along at my side. She is still getting over the shaken nerves from the loud whistle we encountered last week, and was a little hesitant to exit the car again today. We will be heading to a different trail system soon and hopefully her hesitations won't carry over to a different location with the pack.

Variety Pack

Thompson munched on a lot of snow along the snowbank that lined the edge of the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. Stella didn't partake but she did enjoy sniffing around in the bits of upturned soil that were ploughed up along with the snow. The pair of them found an evergreen shrub very interesting and spent a long time sniffing around it together.

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