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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Coco and Griff had fun running around in the snow when we set out for our hike this morning. Griff found a pine cone and was very proud of his prize. He flaunted it in front of all his packmates to make sure they saw. When the others made no attempts to steal it from him, he lost interest pretty quickly and then left it behind. Later on, Sputnik and Colby chased each other around trees and bushes. Sputnik gave Colby the ear treatment again when we got back to the packmobile at the end of our hike.

Variety Pack

Isaac and Zoey had a more satisfying experience playing fetch today since the snow at the park was mostly packed down and the balls didn't keep vanishing like they did Thursday. Meanwhile, Ruffers made friends with a couple little spaniels and spent almost her entire time wrestling around with them. Thompson saw his friends Rocky and Anana again. After they left, he came over to see what Ruffers and the spaniels were up to and he enjoyed following them around while they played. Mamacita went on a couple good sprints in the company of one playful dog and later stirred things up with Ruffers and Zoey, only to be interrupted by an abrupt chest-butt from Isaac.

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