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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We saw several friendly dogs along the way and the whole pack was pleasant as we passed them. Sputnik, Coco, and Isaac were all into nibbling on the grass today. Sputnik and Coco ran along the trail together a bit, but didn't go on any big chases. Rucksack perked up at a couple point during the hike and stared off into the distance. I didn't see anything where he was looking, but I thought I did detect an animal smell in the air the first time he was on alert. The second time, Sputnik was also a bit worked up and the two of them seemed to be focusing their attentions on the ravine between Bluebell Road and the Enchanted Mesa. I wonder whether there was a herd of deer or something more predatory hanging out down there.

Variety Pack

Ruffers and Zoey started racing around with each other as soon as we reached the pond at the CU South Campus trail. Coco joined in with them for a little run a couple times as well. Meanwhile, Clover, Monarch, and Stella were all investigating out the scents around an iron post. Coco broke off from the races to come check it out as well. As we continued along the trail, the wind picked up to a steady blast. Zoey splashed around in the ditch for a bit, but she was dry before the end of the walk due to all the wind. We came across a big, male Bernese Mountain Dog at one point and Monarch, Clover, and Ruffers were all excited to say hello to him. Stella did a good job keeping up and seemed to be feeling alright without any noticeable limp in her gait, now that she is on meds for her arthritis. She's doing pretty well for a little old lady on the verge of turning 16!

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