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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Coco bowed in the grass and crouched down a couple times, but stopped short of going for the full-on wiggle. Nobody got tagged by Sputnik's stream this morning, perhaps in part because we made fewer stops to sniff along the way, which resulted in fewer opportunities. The pack were mostly content to just trot along the trail in pace. At one point, I was just considering letting Griff and Coco off the leash when Colby and the two of them all suddenly leapt to the alert. I heard a rustling down the hill from us and saw that the cause for their excitement was a herd of deer not far away. Needless to say, I didn't choose to unleash them. Colby and Griff were the most anxious about the deer. Coco also pulled at the leash a bit. Sputnik has always been surprisingly mellow about deer, and only slowed for a moment to turn back and watch them hop away.

Variety Pack

It took a little while to find a tennis ball for Isaac today, but once we did he was go-go-go. Meanwhile, Yoda and Benny wandered around to sniff hello with various dogs. Zoey tracked down a tennis ball of her own and actually played fetch today instead of just chasing down the ball and carrying it off or playing keep-away.

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