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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Coco flopped down for a wiggle in the tall grass at the trail this morning, and Mamacita was quick to follow her. Even Sputnik joined in for some wiggling in the grass! Rucksack stayed upright while his packmates goofed around. Once we got moving, Sputnik wanted to make very frequent stops to sniff and mark spots along the way. Rucksack wanted to sniff hello with the dogs we passed on the trail. Sputnik was behaving himself well, so we got to pass by some dogs close enough for Rucksack to greet them.

Variety Pack

Thompson was eager to get into the Creek as we walked the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. When we did eventually go down to the water, he picked his pace up to a trot as he headed down the slope and in. Coco and Yoda were both quick to join him in the Creek. Zoey followed up after them. Stella stayed on the bank most of the time but did dip her paws in for a moment. Thompson stayed in the water for as long as he could, even when his packmates had their fill. Coco started looking for twigs to chew on while Zoey, Yoda, and Stella sniffed around. When we were walking on the path, Yoda and Stella were both in the mood to make lots of stops to sniff and leave scent marks, as Sputnik had been this morning.

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