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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita and Sputnik both wanted to take their time sniffing along the trail today. Sputnik left lots of scent marks, while Mamacita was content just to see what was there to smell. She found one spot that was worthy of wiggle, so she dropped down into the grass and rolled around on her back for a bit.

Variety Pack

I tried a new stepping stool to help Thompson get into the car today, since he has needed more help lately. He wasn't really sure what to make of it and tried to avoid it as he climbed in, but it did let him plant a back foot, which made it easier to help up his back end. On the walk, Thompson started slowing down a bit about halfway through. Then, we saw a squirrel about 20 yards up the path and he mysteriously gained the energy to pick up his pace for a short stretch. Zoey also took note of the squirrel and started to pull at the leash. Yoda and Coco either didn't catch sight of the squirrel or just weren't that interested. Earlier in the walk, the two of them got a bit worked up about a dog we passed, and they exchanged a few barks with him.

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