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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita was sniffing around in the tall grass beside Sputnik when she shot a devious smile my way and then dropped down and started wiggling. Sputnik, Zoey, and Rucksack stood by patiently while Mamacita had her fun. It was a beautiful today for hiking. We passed several other dogs along the way and gave enough distance that the pack stayed calm, even when one of the dogs we passed started making a fuss. Rucksack stayed on leash for the duration of the hike to avoid a repeat of Monday's misadventure.

Variety Pack

Coco, Zoey, Stella, Oliver, and Benny enjoyed a very leisurely walk along the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. We made a stop by the Creek at one point, where a friendly man said hello to all the dogs and doled out pets. Coco was especially excited when he picked up a stick. She snatched it from him in a heartbeat and started chewing it to pieces. She repeated this process with him a couple more times. Zoey, Coco, and Stella all got their paws wet in the Creek, while Benny and Oliver stayed on dry land. Everyone but Oliver nibbled on some of the grass beside the path and Coco enjoyed a good, long wiggle in it as well.

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