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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We went for a more vigorous mountain hike up the Amphitheater Trail this morning. Griff, Sputnik, and Colby all worked up a steady pant by the time we reached our turning point at crest along the trail. Even Griff, who has generally shied away from water from the CamelBak spout, took water today.

Variety Pack

Mamacita was full of energy when we arrived at the dog park this afternoon. She ran from one spot to the next with a bounce in her step and had fun wiggling in the grass. Zoey ran around with a bunch of friendly, black dogs. Isaac joined in to run along with them a few times, and Mamacita ran along with Isaac a couple of those times. A girl at the park got a kick out of Isaac as he flopped around in the kiddie pool, which was partially filled with water from the newly unlocked spigot.

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