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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

There was a steady drizzle as Griff, Colby, and Sputnik hiked with me this morning. The dogs were in no hurry as they lingered to sniff along the Baseline Trail on our way to Gregory Canyon. We went slowly up the Amphitheater Trail as I watched my footing on the wet boulders. Aside from a few people by the trail head, we didn't pass any other hikers. Colby was a bit wary of a jogger that came up behind us just as we set out.

Variety Pack

The rain held off for a while this afternoon, which made the pack's visit to the Valmont Dog Park more pleasant. Coco was in a very playful mood. She and Mamacita ran and dodged around with one another a bit. Coco also made friends with another dog and did some dodging and wrestling with him. Zoey had fun digging in the wet dirt, splashing in puddles, and generally making a mess. Thompson looked good sporting a new, red harness. He followed his usual route through the park with a slight adjustment due to some construction that has a section fenced off. He spent a longer time than usual at the grassy, north end of the park where there were a few friendly, young dogs who gave some attention to him and the rest of the pack.

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