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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack got a good workout as we kept a steady pace on our way up the Amphitheater Trail this morning. After reaching the high point of our hike, a group of teenagers wanted to say hello to the dogs. Sputnik was quick to go up and get some pets. Mamacita stared lovingly into the eyes of a girl who scratched her neck. Rucksack leaned against a few of them in turn as they loved on him. It was a great reward to the dogs for making through a vigorous workout, and they loved every minute of it.

Variety Pack

Coco, Zoey, and Stella enjoyed a walk by Wonderland Lake this afternoon. We took our time so the dogs could smell the dandelions. They also smelled the fences, the tall grass, and various patches of dirt. Coco is going in for surgery next week to remove the leg with the osteosarcoma and she had a bit of a limp despite the pain medication she's on, so we took it easy. We stopped at my place after walking and the dogs were excited to greet Jen there. Coco saw Jen up ahead when we started walking down the drive, and I let her off the leash so she could run over to say hello. The whole pack will be happy to see Coco feeling better once she gets through the surgery and chemotherapy. We love you Coco!

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