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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack sniffed hello with a couple of the dogs we passed on the trails this morning. Sputnik kept his cool for most of the time, but did start a shrill growl when he got uncomfortable about one of the dogs lingering and staring at us after a brief sniff. Colby and Griff remained friendly and calm even when Sputnik started getting agitated. We did the same steep hike that we've been doing the past couple weeks but it felt a bit easier today. Maybe I'm getting acclimated to the trail again, or maybe it's just that the weather is both cooler and drier than it was through the first half of the month.

Variety Pack

Zoey found a doodle friend to run with by the pond at the CU South Campus trails this afternoon. Isaac wanted to join but I kept him on leash since I didn't have tennis ball handy to keep his mouth occupied while he would have inevitably tried to herd them. Later in the walk, Isaac enjoyed a thorough soak in the ditch.

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