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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Isaac was happy to join Sputnik, Rucksack, and Mamacita on the pack hike this morning. We again made many stops in the tall grass beside the trail so the pack could sniff around. Sputnik left the most scent marks, as usual; but I was surprised that Mamacita also wanted to leave a lot of marks along the way. We took a long break in the stream at the Gregory Canyon trail head. Isaac lay down to soak in the water while Sputnik, Mamacita, and Rucksack all waded through it. We took the less-intense Crown Rock Trail instead of the Amphitheater Trail today since it felt a bit too hot for such a steep ascent.

Variety Pack

Clover, Monarch, Zoey, and Isaac walked around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. It was hot and sunny out, so we lingered in the shade whenever we came upon it. Everyone trotted along very nicely, with the occasional exception of Zoey stopping suddenly and stubbornly in place for no apparent reason. When given the chance to follow her instinct, she just stood in place, so I eventually stopped indulging her and just kept the pack moving along.

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