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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Colby and Griff enjoyed some off-leash time together this morning. Griff mostly stuck to the trail, while Colby wandered up the mountainside beside it. Sputnik didn't make quite as many stops to leave scent marks today as he has been doing lately, but he still marked several places along the way.

Variety Pack

It was entertaining to watch Zoey scramble for the tennis ball when she momentarily lost track of it off of a bounce, after chasing it down at the park this afternoon. Isaac is much more adept at keeping his eye on the ball, though he sometimes misjudges his quick approach and sends the ball ricocheting off his nose or a tooth. The pair of them kept up the rounds of fetch throughout our park visit, with only occasional breaks in the shade or in the kiddie pool to cool off and catch their breaths.

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