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Wednesday Pack Activities

Morning Boarding Pack

Clover, Isaac, Cooper, Monarch, and Ruby stayed pretty orderly throughout our walk around Wonderland Lake this morning, aside from Ruby and Clover repeatedly swapping places and gradually getting their leashes more and more wrapped around each other. That was easy enough to remedy, though. When it came to sniffing, everyone wanted to check out the same spots together. It was a very pleasant start to the day.

Adventure Pack

Ruffers and Rucksack ran all around Enchanted Mesa together this morning, while Sputnik and Zoe walked with me and did a lot of sniffing along the way. The trails were very muddy, and the whole pack ended up with black legs and bellies by the end of the hike. It took a lot of wiping down with towels to get them house-ready once we returned to the packmoble.

Variety Pack

Rey quickly made friends with a slightly bigger look-alike with a dark muzzle, named Frankie. The two of them spent most of our park visit rough housing with each other. Meanwhile, Zoey, Racer, and Roger Roger were all into playing fetch. Zoey hardly ever gave up her ball, but Racer and Roger Roger did a good job of sharing. Ruby ran along with the fetchers here and there, but wasn't very interested in going after the ball.

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