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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Zoey and Ruffers sniffed and explored together for a while this morning, while Sputnik and Mamacita hiked at my side. We came across several dogs along the way. Zoey and Ruffers made for a friendly greeting committee, while I brought our less affable greeters off the side of the trail and kept their attentions so they wouldn't interrupt the pleasant mood. Later on, Ruffers and Zoey started chasing each other around the trails. Mamacita and Sputnik watched them with interest and hopped around whenever they came near.

Variety Pack

Oliver, Benny, Coco, and Rey walked around Wonderland Lake together this afternoon. We made plenty of stops along the way so everyone could sniff around and Coco could take a load off. Benny, Coco, and Rey were all very interested in the plowed-up turf along the sidewalk, and they all spent a good, long while learning everything there was to be gleaned by their noses. Oliver much preferred staying on the clean, dry sidewalk. Rey was very excited by every dog we passed on our walk, and her initial reaction was to pull and leap in their direction, but she did a great job of sitting in place and containing her enthusiasm once addressed.

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