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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Colby and Griff had fun exploring the trails together this morning. They would would wander off trail and then come running back when I called them. At one point, they perked up and stared up the trail as some hikers and their dogs came around the bend in the distance. I called them back and put them on leash, since they were staring a bit intensely. Racer did a great job on the harness again today, sticking right by my side throughout the hike. Near the end of our hike, a couple dogs came up to sniff hello with the pack. We walked in a little circle as everyone got their sniffs in. Sputnik started to give a shrill grumble for a moment, but managed to collect himself before we continued on.

Variety Pack

Isaac and Zoey walked the Bear Creek Path together this afternoon. They trotted along right in place throughout, with a few stops to sniff around in the grass. There was one spot where Isaac shouldered down and then wiggled on his back in the grass, but Zoey just wanted to sniff.

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