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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Colby and Griff explored mostly on their own during our hike today, but whenever one of them came running back, the other would join in the race. Sputnik chomped on snow whenever we passed over stretches of trail where it wasn't all melted, while Racer was happy just hiking along at my side. She has come a long way regarding her tendency to pull on the leash, particularly since I started using the front-clip harness on her instead of her collar.

Variety Pack

Rey did a whole lot of sniffing in the grass beside the Bear Creek Path as we walked it this afternoon. Meanwhile, Milo and Isaac trotted along in place next to me. Milo and Rey were both interested in the dogs we passed intermittently along the way, and pulled a bit at their leashes in order to try to gently steer us toward them.

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