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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

There were some magpies hanging around the Chautauqua Trail this morning. The pack watched them with interest as we passed through the area where they were. Ruffers was particularly focused on them, and stopped for a moment to stare, as the birds hopped around in the grassy field beside the trail. Rucksack is still enjoying the snowy patches when he can find them. He ran downhill, off the trail, to frolic in one today, while Mamacita and Sputnik hiked along at my side and Ruffers sniffed at the edge of the trail while bringing up the rear. Mamacita sniffed around in the grass a few times along the way. I thought she was going to wiggle around in it, but it turned out she was only interested in sniffing. Sputnik has been mellow as we've passed other dogs on the trails this week. However, he did have a few grumbles at one point, for a whiny puppy who was leaping into the air against his leash to try to get to us as we walked by.

Variety Pack

Rey started off our afternoon pack walk pulling at the leash, but it didn't take very long for her to settle into pace with me and her packmates. Milo and Roger Roger took up positions at either side of me, while Isaac and Zoey dutifully brought up the rear. The pack didn't make any moves to pull off to the side of the path as we walked, but they sniffed around in the park for a bit when I stopped and walked them into the grass near the end of our walk. It was a very calm and pleasant afternoon outing.

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